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[16 Sep 2008|10:27pm]

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[13 Oct 2007|03:00pm]

Tonight...The Irish Rover Hosts A Celebrity Look-Alike Contest At It's Fourth Birthday Party. Click Here For More DetailsCollapse )
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[11 Oct 2007|04:13pm]

I know what you should be doing Saturday Night. It's The Irish Rover's (actually owned by a family from Derry Ireland) 4th Birthday Party. Click for more info.Collapse )
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FREE SHOW - BRING ID [22 Sep 2007|06:30pm]

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[15 Sep 2007|05:05pm]

Tonight's the night
It's the LAST full weekend of Summer
Join us tonight as we go out in style

There will be contests:
Best Bikini (Both Male and Female)
Hula Hooping
Drunken Limbo
Another contest involving an all cotton undergarment and water...hmmm

Click The Link Below For More Details

What Are All The Cool Kids Doing Tonight?Collapse )
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[19 May 2007|06:30pm]


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The Annual Irish Rover Beach Party

Read more...Collapse )
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Surf, Sand, And Smithwick's On Tap!!! [17 May 2007|02:43pm]


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This Saturday
May 19th
The Irish Rover's

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A show for your entertainment [09 Nov 2006|06:45pm]


With DJ Rabid Angel spinning before and between bands.
e-mail me at
jlhelfer [at] gmail [dot] com

Hope to see you all there
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Questions about "Trendy" [30 Oct 2006|01:39pm]

I have to do a paper on being trendy for my Writing Class. It's a research paper, and I wanted to sort of interview people, and I figured an easy way to interview would be through livejournal. So if any of you have ever worked at somewhere really trendy...I need your opinions. If you do anything really trendy...I need your opinions. I need to know why those things are trendy, why you do things that are trendy...from your point of view. Just tell me why you think certain things are trends, how they catch on and so forth. Leave me comments with your answers.
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Albany Skill Share, 9/23 [17 Sep 2006|08:29pm]

Hey!  the Albany Skill Share is in Six Days!!!
After Party features Nuclear Family, Pony Pants, and Barking Spider!  Come danse your panse off!!

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3rd Annual Hip Hop meets the Labor Movement Fest [29 Aug 2006|05:57pm]

Hip Hop for Labor Festival

Albany – On Labor Day, Sept. 4th, 2006 the Capital District
Area Labor Federation (CDALF) will host the third annual
“Hip-Hop Movement Meets Labor Movement” Cultural
Festival. This event is co-sponsored by Schenectady Mayor
Brian U. Stratton.

The festival will showcase local artists exclusively: dance
troupes, poets and local emcees will share the stage with
local labor leaders. Performers include Albany’s own
Broadcast Live, Origin, JB!!, and many more.

Live painting by Chris Stain and Josh MacPhee have been
added to the program thanks to the Carpenter’s Union, who
has constructed walls for murals.

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Albany Skill Share, 9/23, all day long [24 Aug 2006|12:34pm]


please forward widely...

Albany Skill Share
Saturday, Sept. 23rd.
8 Elm St.
Website with Last Year's Pics

The Albany Skill Share is an annual workshop
series whose goal is to facilitate interactive and
hands-on workshops at low or no-cost to participants.

We attempt to hold a wide array of workshops
covering various topics in a safe setting for
evryone. Our general theme tends towards issues of
self-sustainability but we do offer workshops
covering many other topics and skills.

The theme of our second annual skill share in
Albany is the human body. Most of the workshops
will revolve around physical, mental and social

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A friendly neighborhood reminder [21 Aug 2006|10:07am]

Hey everybody.

This is just a friendly reminder. This Friday, the 25th, Revolver will be back with DJ? Strange and DJ Ernesto spooning out the phat beatz with DJ_DvlsAdvct. The only non-descript dance night in Albany. Is it goth? Nope. 80’s? Nope. Metal? Nope. It’s a little bit of everything for your listening, dancing, grinding and stomping pleasure. Come one, come all and be entertained by the music, new and old, that defines us all.

New music will be brought to you by
Crash Frequency Records
Metropolis Records
and more stuff if I can get it before then
There may be some Glitch Mode Records and, well, some other stuff that may very well be enjoyable.

Hope everyone is well, as usual.
Click the flyer behind the cut for playlists. If you don’t have a MySpace but are still interested, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send the playlists to you

Feel the pain and keep it all until you dieCollapse )
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[15 Aug 2006|10:49am]

This is no apology
Hey everybody.

Once again, Revolver will be on time, last Friday of the month, August 25th, for your listening and dancing pleasure. Albany’s darkest alternative dance night (literally, we have barely any lights going) would like to welcome you to stomp, sway, swirl and grind to your favorite songs. This month you will be hearing your resident DJ_DvlsAdvct spin your industrial, goth, downtempo, hellektro, EBM, metal, maybe some hip-hop, covers and new shit with DJ Strange? and DJ Ernesto. We will be going from midnight to 4AM, and perhaps, if DJ_DvlsAdvct gets off his lazy ass and stops sucking he’ll get mixes to anyone through the door, included in admission.

Also, expect to hear new music from
Crash Frequency Records
Metropolis Records
and more stuff if I can get it before then
Maybe some Glitch Mode Recordsand, well, if I can get my hands on it some Helltrash

Hope everyone is well, as usual.
Click the flyer behind the cut for playlists. If you don’t have a MySpace but are still interested, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send the playlists to you

We're coming for your rhythmCollapse )
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[29 Jul 2006|03:19pm]

So the spouse and I have a nice wooden kitchen table and 4 chairs we're trying to get out of the house, we're asking about $80 for the set

we also have a kitchen island, also wood, for about $35

they're both light wood and we'd like them out of the house

I'd post pictures, but with the ceiling being redone, and the floor being refinished there isn't a great way for me to get a shot of them. We can get to them to get them out of the house. Everything is in great condition, the table is actually separated from the legs for storage reasons...but they can easily be put back on.
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Anyone Interested In Booking A Tattoo Party? [14 Jul 2006|06:07pm]

Go visit the site, add it as a friend:


Here's the bulletin:

Right now I'm looking primarily for feedback.
A buddy of mine that Inks wants to do Tattoo parties with me.
We're located in Troy, NY

The concept is simple, You get a bunch of people together, we come over, I show my designs and you either pick one, or have me sketch one, then he inks you.
Minimum cost per Tat will be $50.00, and that depends on the Tat.
Whoever throws the party pays $50.00 to bring us there, but that includes a small tat (Further tats can be purchased or a larger one can be purchased and they pay the difference).
It'll be something like a Tupperware Party, but you won't deny having gone the next day.

Get back to me with thoughts, questions, or even let me know if you want to book one.
If this seems to be popular, we'll start doing them in the next couple of weeks.

Cross Posted
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This Sunday [13 Jul 2006|01:43pm]

The Sparkle Posse plays the Ironweed House:

5pm:  Jacinta Bunnell leads a gender-bending coloring book workshop.  She is the author of Girls Will Be Boys Will Be ...  Her web site is here.

6pm:  Potluck dinner.  Bring food please.  Or don't eat.

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Indie Rock show tomorrow! [04 Jul 2006|08:47pm]

Bicycles and Gravel  (mellow Indy Rock from Athens, GA (there's a woman who plays drums! rare!))
Matt Boyle (Micro Indy artist musician who is from south FL via Brooklyn)
This drawing is from "Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs":

Bell County Silence from Hudson

5 bux

Ironweed House, 98 Grand Street, Albany.
Info: 428-1439
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[ mood | Too Many to List ]

I'm sorry to do this, but I no longer have all of your phone numbers.

Tyrone passed away this morning at around 3:30 this morning at St. Mary's Hospital in Troy NY

There will be a Gathering at my house after 7 this evening.
Everybody is welcome to come and gather with other friends and share memories

Tyrone Thomas Jackson
1977 - 2006
Good Friend, Good Brother
May his Soul find eternal peace


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[26 Jun 2006|05:25pm]

I have a huge collection of shoes, every so often I'll go through them ...

I have about 8 pairs right now that are leaving my closet.
They are either from Target or DSW, with one pair from TJ MAXX.
All size 7, all still in great condition.

I'm looking for between $5-$10 (depending on the shoe...c'mon, Steve Madden brocade mules, pale pink Nine West sling backs)
There are some dressy shoes, some sandals and even some winter boots.

If anyone is interested let me know.
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